We have the experience of more than 20 years, in the management of perishables, making it possible that there are no limits between borders so that your cargo arrives in the same conditions in which it was shipped from origin. At American Cargo Trading we really have the experience to advise your exports and imports to and from anywhere in the world. 

We support the commercialization of flowers, fruits, coffee, panela among others ... from the renowned producers and crops of the savannah of Bogotá, Oriente Antioqueño, Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Huila, Santander. Enabling direct alliances between the producer and consumer chain.

We belong to your family and that is why you count 24 hours a day, to provide you with the attention and response you deserve. 

At American Cargo Trading we really have the experience to advise your exports and imports to and from anywhere in the world.

You can choose:

  • International trade advice for exports and imports.
  • Reservations on the web and personalized guaranteeing space and preferential rates in any season of the year.
  • Cargo packaging service with dimensions and handling required by regulatory entity.
  • Customs documentation, presentation to Dian, Airport Police, plant protection, opening of documents, certificates of origin.
  • Receipt and accompaniment of cargo in port or airport.
    Agency and insurance of goods in port or airport.
  • Handling of special loads: dangerous goods, perishables (flowers, fruits) live animals.
  • Door to door delivery.
  • AWB tracking System.
  • Online chat 24 hours 7 days

How do we do it? Because you are part of this family.

  • We plan your orders with you.
  • We confirm your quotas from the moment of the reservation in the city of origin.
  • We offer direct contact for problem solving 24 hours 7 days.

We invite you to become part of this dream, because at American Cargo Trading we really "transport more than your cargo, your dreams".

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We’re a freight shipping and logistics company, with a team of professionals. So whenever businesses decide to go places; individuals or families decide to shift locations; when new projects need to be set up; name the situation, we come into the picture. Whether you’re an existing exporter or importer; an existing domestic business going international or a new business that needs to sell to or purchase from entities abroad, we’re here to offer custom-made solutions.

We offer end-to-end dependable transportation solutions for most types of goods – automotive, electrical, electronics, agri-produce, FMCG products, textiles, textile machinery, industrial equipment, home furniture & other household goods, toys – anything from pins and needles to the largest over-sized pieces of equipment. Be it Commercial merchandise or Personal Effects, count on us for the best service.

Travel involves the body, but transportation of goods, the heart. We’re good in this business because we put our hearts and souls into it. We may be transporting your gods, but we take absolute ownership of each and every assignment we undertake. We make your business our business and your home our worry. Because that’s our responsibility. And in return it earns us our most valuable resource – your trust.

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In the year 1979, a company was instituted, which was to grow to such gigantic proportions in just 7 years, to become one of the top five cargo agencies in India. Today, with branches in eleven cities of India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Rajkot, Amdavad, Madras, Cochin, Pune, Vadodra, Trivandrum and Hyderabad – Airlift (India) Private Limited, manages, conducts and handles every year 33,000 tonnes of cargo in exports & forwards 1500 tonnes in imports.

Since its inception in 1980, Airlift (India) Private Limited has constantly grown by leaps and bounds to justify its present high status and the esteem it commands on the National and International fronts.

Presently, Airlift (India) Private Limited in India has 1400 sq. ft. For its warehousing facilities showing maximum utilization and yet, more than 50% of its cargo moves directly from supplier to airline warehouses.

At one glance, the following features, so characteristic of good management, stand out on the Airlift premises.

• A highly efficient staff of over 200 persons.
• 2000 turnover – over 700 Millions in INR.
• A highly qualified team of personnel on the research sales and operations panel.
• A network of professional receiving and handling agents.
• Ancillary services of Consultancy + Distribution cost analysis.
• A decent communications network, providing immediate access to detailed shipment dates and appropriate rates throughout the world.
• A computerized accounting and marketing system.

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Cargomate Limited is an international freight forwarding and logistics service, provider. Cargomate is founded in 2002 in Korea and offers global services by air, sea, and land to and from all over the world quickly, correctly, efficiently and economically as your MATE.

Cargomate keeps worldwide coverage for both outbound and inbound during the past decades. Over the years, Cargomate has gained reputations throughout pricing, services, and operations.

Cargomate always provides customers and overseas partners with optimal services with the correct procedures. Cargomate always provides a flexible and competitive price, and also meets with variable needs and demands of customers and overseas partners with a close relationship with airlines, shipping lines, and other contractors.

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Marinair Cargo Services Ltd was founded in 2007 and is among the fastest-growing forwarding agents in Global Market with a substantial presence in sea, air, logistics, and combined transport services.

Our experience in the International Transport & Logistics field, as well as our extended network of associated Cargo Agents, guarantees the achievement of our main target; to satisfy all our customers' cargo forwarding & logistics requests both nationally and internationally. With the mission "We care for Your Cargo", Marinair Cargo Services Ltd provides professional, quality and efficient forwarding services to its customers and partners globally.

Armed with our wealth of experience and expertise, we provide complete “one-stop-shop” international transport services for import and export requirements by Land, Sea, Air, Rail or Combined freight Worldwide!

Be sure that at Marinair Cargo Services “We care for your cargo”

Our reputation and strength, as a company, are founded on solid infrastructures and on an organization comprised of team members with years of hands-on training and experience within the transport industry. Local expert knowledge in custom and authority regulations in EU, help us to support many big companies all around the world.

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