Magno ITL, is a freight forwarder and logistics agency founded in 2014 to provide an excellent service with flexibility and experience, to facilitate supply chain management to our customers.

We deliver the highest standards of logistical solutions to increase your business, is an international agency specialized in coordinating the transport of import and export goods, from and towards any point we cover

We offer logistical solutions related to international transport. Our services are based on four main pillars; High level of service, Rapport, Flexibility, Quality and Experience, all supported by a highly qualified and dynamic team of professionals. We cover and control all information thanks to our worldwide network of agencies

MAGNO has a friendly and highly trained team of professionals who can assist, advise and accompany their clients throughout the whole process of foreign trade operations.

To deliver our clients a secure service while counting on every member of our team to safeguard and give solutions to the interests of our clients according to their logistical needs, also supported by a trained professional dedicated to the process of each operation.

In the short-term, to become an important logistical player recognized in the country for our efficient service and the high impact of celerity we give to our client’s process’.

In Magno ITL we count with highly trained and committed staff offering logistic solutions to our clients according to their needs.
Our main target is to completely satisfy the needs of our clients in each process we carry out, making the operation as transparent as possible together with offering a personalize service

We are a company that cares for our personnel, we believe in continuous improvement and the excellence of our work, seeking to influence the lives of our clients, collaborators and our whole network.

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Freight Expert, Inc. was established as a registered private limited company in 1998. The staff of 9 have had experience working with an American logistic freight forwarding company prior to establishing Freight Expert, Inc. Services that are provided include air, sea and land freight service (export and import), customs operations, collection and delivery, consolidations, express forwarding to any destination, packing and packaging and door-to-door service. Close working relationships with carriers allow for very competitive rates. The head office is in Osaka. Freight Expert ,Inc. can handle all shipments from Japan / to Japan by Air Shipment and Sea Shipment.

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We offer a wide variety of services tailored to our customers′ needs, including air and ocean consolidation, FCL/LCL, trucking, customs brokerage, and warehousing services. Our well-trained and experienced operation teams, along with the most state-of-the-art track and trace system, allow us to surpass our customer's expectations.

SMARTSHIP WAYS has an extensive network around the world to sustain imports and exports. The staff in SMARTSHIP WAYS are dedicated professionals who will evaluate and offer the best delivery options to our customers.

We are the best shipping air-sea cargo freight forwarders. We are the best & reliable resources for road, sea and air transportation logistics services. We specialized in Morocco import and export, Loading and Unloading service, Stock WareHouse.

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Vision Shipping Vietnam aims to contribute to customer's competitiveness by deriving, proposing and implementing the optimal solution that meets customer's needs through consulting throughout customer's SCM. Vision Shipping Vietnam, which has continuously accumulated process-based logistics service capabilities such as consulting capability, industry know-how, and AEO, is constantly striving to provide the best service to customers with different logistics and differentiated services. Based on our accumulated know-how and competitiveness such as networks secured in major domestic and overseas cities, we have become a leading company in the logistics industry by securing domestic and overseas leading companies such as automobiles, electronics, chemicals, wholesale and apparel. Vision Shipping Vietnam will strive to provide more value than logistics as a Global Logistics Company that creates and innovates customer value.

• International Sea freight and Air freight
• LCL Consolidation/Deconsolidation
• Warehousing, Packing, Labeling and Distributing
• Trucking
• Customs Brokerage
• Domestic Sea Transportation for Containerized Cargo
• Liquid Transportation by ISO Tank
• Sea - Air Combined International Transportation
• Project Cargo Handling

Since the establishment, Vision Shipping Vietnam takes a leading role in sea and air freight with our basic business relating to automotive and spare parts transportation. And we gradually progressed in multi modal transportation, clearance inland transportation, warehousing and all business relating to logistics.

Vision Shipping Vietnam struggles to be "a global logistics solution provider". We have strengthen sea and air transportation, inland transportation, custom clearance, warehousing and various business relating to logistics and at the same time by utilizing our worldwide network and distinct logistics system, we operate stable, speedy, economical "Door to Door" service.

Vision Shipping Vietnam would like to provide superlative logistics service to our domestic and overseas customers. To make it, all our executives and staff members work with faith, devotion, challenging and creative actions.

Customer satisfaction: Differentiated service creating customer's value.
Future Oriented: Innovated first class management
Ethical Management: Honest and trustworthy management
On site Management: Competitive adhere service

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We have the experience of more than 20 years, in the management of perishables, making it possible that there are no limits between borders so that your cargo arrives in the same conditions in which it was shipped from origin. At American Cargo Trading we really have the experience to advise your exports and imports to and from anywhere in the world. 

We support the commercialization of flowers, fruits, coffee, panela among others ... from the renowned producers and crops of the savannah of Bogotá, Oriente Antioqueño, Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Huila, Santander. Enabling direct alliances between the producer and consumer chain.

We belong to your family and that is why you count 24 hours a day, to provide you with the attention and response you deserve. 

At American Cargo Trading we really have the experience to advise your exports and imports to and from anywhere in the world.

You can choose:

  • International trade advice for exports and imports.
  • Reservations on the web and personalized guaranteeing space and preferential rates in any season of the year.
  • Cargo packaging service with dimensions and handling required by regulatory entity.
  • Customs documentation, presentation to Dian, Airport Police, plant protection, opening of documents, certificates of origin.
  • Receipt and accompaniment of cargo in port or airport.
    Agency and insurance of goods in port or airport.
  • Handling of special loads: dangerous goods, perishables (flowers, fruits) live animals.
  • Door to door delivery.
  • AWB tracking System.
  • Online chat 24 hours 7 days

How do we do it? Because you are part of this family.

  • We plan your orders with you.
  • We confirm your quotas from the moment of the reservation in the city of origin.
  • We offer direct contact for problem solving 24 hours 7 days.

We invite you to become part of this dream, because at American Cargo Trading we really "transport more than your cargo, your dreams".

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