Our Mission…. Provide top quality and reliable international freight logistics services and solutions to our prestige customers and to be low cost provider of such services.

Overview: Mercury Shipping (Pvt) Limited was incorporated in 2008, as a Freight Forwarding Company and formed with the sole purpose of serving as a reliable, cost effective, worldwide logistics provider. We are involved in all aspects of international transportation. Financially strong, professional, well experienced & operationally knowledgeable to handle any business requirements in our strongest & core areas of work. A network of agents has been established throughout our operational area around the world to ensure a continuous chain of controls, promptness and efficiency. Management of Mercury Shipping is always focused at reducing cost while maintaining our high service standards thus our customers benefit from lower rates.

Service Scope Ocean Freight Air Freight Customs Clearance Rail & Truck Intermodal Transhipment & Entrepot Trade Warehousing & Packing

Ocean Freight We provide professional Door-to-Door cargo transportation services for all types of import and export cargo such as LCL, FCL, special container, heavy lift cargo and project cargo with high scheduling flexibility, and competitive pricing.

Air Freight We understand that at times, extreme needs and circumstances requires extreme measures. That’s why whenever needed, the company offers air cargo services for all types of cargo.

Customs Clearance We are capable of arranging a variety of services to help meet customer’s clearance need. By examining all the possibilities to facilitate customs clearance procedures more promptly and efficiently, we always try to deliver huge satisfaction to our clients.

Rail & Truck Intermodal To getting your shipment across an ocean or air, we also provide integrating service to swift movement on intermodal rail & truck service at both origin and destination.

Transhipment and Entrepot Trade We are fully geared to provide services for all types of LCL, FCL and special equipments under Transhipment, MCC / Entrepot trade in port of Colombo.

Warehousing & Packing With our cargo warehouse, we can provide safe and cost-effective warehousing solutions for our clients. As far as Mercury exists, you can safely move to another country while your goods can be packed / crated and shifted wherever you decide to be and we are specialized in handling household goods and personal effects from Door to Door.

Confidentiality Mercury Shipping treats every communication, transaction and record between the company and its client as “Private and Confidential”, and is profoundly committed to this responsibility. This policy is the foundation of the Mercury Shipping’s business philosophy and ethics since its inception.