Stock Logistic is a freight forwarder and comprehensive logistics operator expert in the international transport of goods. We choose the most suitable means to get your merchandise to any country in the world: sea transport, rail, plane, road transport or a combination of all of them. We want to help you boost your business.

Stock Logistic is a comprehensive logistics operator specialized in international transportation. As a freight forwarder we have a highly qualified human team in the management of import and export traffic of all kinds of merchandise from any point to any destination in the world. We are experts in international maritime transport and we have tailored solutions for the main industrial sectors: forest products, ceramics, lighting, textiles, raw materials, bulk beverages, automotive, food and perishable products, machinery and the construction sector.

Carrying your business forward :

Our goal is to become your partner to help your business advance as far as it needs to go. We want to be your logistics partner so that distance is no longer a problem when shipping your merchandise.
At Stock Logistic we do not believe in standardized solutions, each type of industry is special and presents different logistics needs. Our team is specialized in identifying the most appropriate method to manage the transport, storage and distribution of each product based on the interests of your company.
We have extensive knowledge of the logistics sector and we maintain business contacts with the world's leading shipping companies and transport companies. This allows us to obtain the best prices to cover all the links in the logistics chain.

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