Fast Freight is a global freight forwarder and logistics specialist, offering integrated transportation services to worldwide. As exclusive member of worldwide transport logistics networks, Fast Freight provides solution for any freight scenario, with the right combination of cost and transit time to accommodate our clients requirements.

With head office in Constanta, Romania, Fast Freight has a dedicated professionals team with years of experience in freight forwarding field who develop the integrated logistical solutions that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners. In 2010, we have expanded our network by opening Fast Freight Spain, with head office in Castellon, Spain.

In 2009, Fast Freight became member of World Freight Group and in 2010 member of Marco Polo Line. Thanks to these strategic partnerships, our company has global coverage, connecting Romania with more than 500 airports & ports throughout the world.

Our mission is to become the most efficient provider of global integrated transportation and logistic services by offering best solution to make your business effective and profitable.

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We’re Class-A for both air & sea freight, also N.V.O.C.C. licensed forwarder, with about 100 elites equipped as Sales, Pricing/Marketing, Operation and Customer Service. We’re confident that there’s no need to worry about our marketing capability and service.

Through over 19 years’ diligence, we’ve gained good reputation in the industry. YZ have excellent pricing team to work with Carriers/Airlines closely, for getting better and better rates, also for space. Furthermore, we care custom service a lot, not only for free hand client, but also suppliers of nomination shipments. Our sales and custom service team contact shippers on regular basis to ensure everything is going well, and try to follow up their new client in abroad which can bring us new business opportunity.

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The Dependable Companies is composed of five integrated divisions providing service to meet virtually all of your logistics requirements. Each of the unique companies has grown significantly and earned a reputation for leadership, quality and integrity in its respective field.

DGX is one of the most respected international ocean and air freight service providers. DGX serves global ocean and air destinations through most ports or airports, to and from any point in the United States, or foreign to foreign points. With consolidation, Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) services from most worldwide locations and all global origins to any point within the continental U.S., DGX has terminals and gateways in Long Beach, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston. Additionally we have 14 offices located throughout the Pacific Rim, Oceania, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Our air service offers the highest quality of global air freight service available within the air cargo industry. Shipments from 1 lb to 10,000 lbs or more can easily move door to door, or door to airport. Whether oversize, heavyweight or hazardous materials, we ensure that the integrity of your shipment is maintained throughout carriage. DGX is fully compliant with all U.S. Government agency rules and regulations including TSA, DHS, and FAA and is also IATA licensed.

5PL Logistics Solutions was established in 2015 to cater to Abu Dhabi’s growing need for a holistic supply chain provider, offering end-to-end solutions to companies interested in expanding their activities into the emirate, as well as providing the services of an ‘Integrated Business Zone’. This holistic approach combining an unwavering focus on the end result and innovation with the integration of smart technologies unheard of in the industry, ensures the growth and success of our customers, greatly increasing their competitive advantage.

5PL Logistics Solutions boasts a unique model that combines the best of supply chain and business management solutions, with a high-tech temperature-controlled facility, a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and real-time information delivery in addition to a modern business center with ready-to-occupy office spaces. We believe that our people and our facility, with 11,000 m2 of temperature-controlled storage ranging from -18ºC to 23ºC and plans to add an additional 35,000 m2 ranging from -22ºC to +24 ºC, are our biggest assets.


5PL Logistics Solutions aims to be the top-of-mind supply chain specialist delivering competitive advantage in the United Arab Emirates.


At 5PL Logistics Solutions, our mission is to create the best user experience possible through supply chain operations excellence and industry-specific solutions supported by expert manpower. In line with our mission, we strive to take the user experience to the next level by focusing on innovation, customization, smart technologies and real-time information delivery.

With more than 15 years of experience, Cargo Express Logistics provides service to today's and tomorrows companies-large or small. Whether your company has a vast experience in shipping services or is a one-time shipper, Cargo Express Logistics can handle all of your shipping needs - hassle free!

At Cargo Express Logistics we have a simple philosophy that success is a product of balance between excellent service, competitive pricing, strong commitment to detail and outstanding vision of customers needs. We stand behind our

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