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Join us and explore the new world of network services all our members leverage. Global Cargo Alliance (GCA) provides a secured business platform, where trusted and qualified Independent Freight Forwarders who specialize in various cargo movements, can work to create a mutually beneficial business relationship.

It was necessary to gather more than 20 years of knowledge in the networking area between independent freight forwarders with a wide knowledge of digital marketing to attain the current formula of GCA Network. In our continuous market study and analysis of existing networks, we managed to identify the flaws and prepare specific tools and benefits to increase the communication between global freight forwarders, allowing the expansion of the business and markets where our members perform. 

Understand our differentials and benefits, and be sure that the experienced GCA team will always be ready to aid the growth of your company The GCA Network does NOT receive any Financial Commissions, Profits, Rebates, etc from ANY Vendor or Member Partners. ALL Rebates go directly to our Members in the form of pricing discounts. 

The GCA Network Operates with Integrity, Honesty, & Full Transparency. We have no Conflicting or Competitive Interests with our Members.

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