The "Member" now certifies that they will comply by the GCA Family Code of Ethics for the duration of their membership. Changes to these conditions might occur. In these situations, the GCA Newsletter will be used to notify members of any revisions one month before they take effect.

As an active participant in the GCA Family, we firmly uphold the following principles while working with other GCA family members:

  • To treat other members with the utmost respect and assistance, as well as to actively participate in sales efforts for both parties' growth.
  • When possible, utilize a mutually agreed-upon contract or agreement with written confirmation or email. Use standard operating and security protocols with each other.
  • To pay any sums quoted and invoiced in the same currency that are owed by or among members within the predetermined time frame. The sending agent is responsible for ensuring that payments are sent to the appropriate bank account and, unless otherwise agreed, agrees to all bank costs.
  • I acknowledge that the protection and payment of all freight collection fees are the responsibility of the destination agency. Unless otherwise specified, a consignee's credit is only extended at the risk of the destination agent.
  • I acknowledge and accept that, whether or not the branch offices are GCA Family members, my firm, as registered with GCA Family, is liable for all of them, both financially and morally. When dealing with branch offices that are not enrolled, there is no protection or support from the service.
  • To respect other members' existing customer bases and confidential business data and refrain from back-selling (engaging with other members' customers without their agreement).
  • Whenever possible, to offer reliable sales leads with useful knowledge of a client's requirements.
  • Being appropriately staffed to provide the greatest level of service, and not engaging in or taking part in actions that we know or should have known violated the laws of the importing, exporting, or transiting nations in terms of the movement, the contents, or other parts of the transaction.
  • Follow all written shipping recommendations that have been given, as well as any written agreements or contracts that have been made between my firm and another member, in order to function. Social media communications agreements must be supported by written documentation, such as contracts or emails.
  • To give prompt (within a reasonable timeframe) responses to all communications and accurate rate quotes.
  • Profits are divided among members in accordance with past agreements or written agency contracts. For any unforeseen additional costs (storage, demurrage, fines, etc.) at cost with the official invoice or receipt.
  • To honour and pay back any money or expenses (such taxes and duties) spent on my behalf by another member.
  • We acknowledge that it is our duty to report any delinquencies to the GCA family and any financial or other disagreements affecting any GCA member.
  • We agree that in cases where members are unable to come to an amicable arrangement, the GCA Family administration shall take part in the dispute resolution process by offering written confirmation of the facts in any such dispute. We acknowledge the maximum filing period of one year allowed under the procedure, and we accept any decision as final, binding, and not subject to review.
  •  We are aware that it is our responsibility to alert the GCA family to any alterations to my company's name, personnel, contact information, or other significant details.
  •  We acknowledge that it is our duty to ensure that every member of our team abides by the GCA family anti-spam policy and all applicable international spam rules. 

We are aware that we have the option to exit the GCA at any moment. There will be no full or partial return of any costs. I am also aware that these terms and conditions could be updated, modified, or amended. Any such modifications will be communicated to you by mail, and new information will be placed on the GCA Family website. I acknowledge having read, comprehended, and agreed to the terms and conditions stated above.


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