GCA Code of Ethics

As a member in good standing of GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE, we fully subscribe to these business ethics and standards

regarding dealings with other GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE members:

1. To support fellow members to the fullest extent possible.

2. To use standard operating and security procedures between each other, and when possible to use a mutually agreed upon contract, and/or by means of an agreement with written confirmation.

3. To pay all monies quoted and Invoiced in the same currency due to or between members within the agreed period and the sending agent is liable for all bank charges unless agreed otherwise.

4. I acknowledge the destination Agent is responsible for the protection and remittance of all freight collect charges. Granting of credit to a Consignee is solely at the risk of the Destination Agent, unless agreed otherwise.

5. To be active in sales endeavors for mutual growth.

6. To respect other members’ existing customer bases and confidential business data and to refrain from back-selling.

7. To provide bona fide sales leads when possible.

8. To be properly staffed for the highest level of service and not engage or participate in activities that we know or should have known that the movement, contents, or other aspects of the transaction were illegal, by either the importing, exporting or transiting countries laws.

9. To operate in accordance with all stated shipping advice in writing and/or comply with any written agreements/contracts that exists between my company and another member.

10. To promptly respond to all communications (within 24 hours) and quote rates with full detail in writing in a timely manner.

11. To share profits according to prior agreement and/or written agency contracts or agreements with another member.

12. To honor and reimburse any funds/disbursements paid out on my instruction by a fellow member.

13. To acknowledge it is my responsibility to inform GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE of any delinquencies and report any dispute, financial or otherwise, involving another GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE member.

14. To seek the help of GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE administration for dispute resolution (DRP) with documented proof and not hearsay.

15. To acknowledge it is my responsibility to keep GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE informed promptly of any changes to my company’s name, staff, contact details, and other information as required.

We understand that we may leave GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE at any time. No fees will be refunded, in whole or in part. I further understand that these terms and conditions are subject to updates, changes, and/or amendments. Notification of any such changes will be done via the GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE bulletin, and updates posted on the GLOBAL CARGO ALLIANCE website. I have read and understand the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

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