In 1990, Our Founder Mr Ahmed Mahfouz Salem Basulaim (may god blees & forgive him) lay down the first stone of our Group (Shipping and Trading). Step by step, he started adding the clearance and logistics to the running services. The founder was one of the pioneers who understood and develop the Shipping and Stevedoring services in Mukalla. Since he was the General Manager of The National Shipping Company then he became the General Manager of Mukalla Port located in Khalif Area, Mukalla City, Hadramout. Due to his professionalize and efficiency and honesty, He became the Ships Agent For 5 of Shipping Lines working in Yemen at that time. This could not be possible unless those companies trusted his judgments and management wisdom. Honestly speaking, all success and improvements that we gain, is the privileges and inheritance of our Founder’s lessons and guidance. We ask God to bless him, forgive him and keep him in his Heaven. Ameen.

To remain a recognized industry leader through uncompromising integrity and total commitment to the customer by serving with the best service. To develop our people, system and communication for sustained growth.

To attain a leadership position in shipping & logistics industry by constantly innovating the value proposition for customer delight through service, efficient teamwork, trust & integrity.

TRANSPARENCY By pursuing a streamlined corporate process to create more transparency for our clients, we are honest in our dealings.

COMMITMENT Our clients are respected and our best resources are dedicated to meeting their needs.

AUTHENTICITY In all our corporate affairs, we foster a philosophy of transparency and responsibility while maintaining an honest perspective.

RESPONSIVENESS We offer around-the-clock facilities to ensure that customer demands are fulfilled without interruption, given the time-sensitive nature of shipping operations.

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