Woojin Interlogis Inc - Banyan Logistics is “Orchestration Innovator” to support and lead customers’ growth and logistics innovation based on its expertise in IT and various industry insights.

Business area & Business character:
Air/Ocean Freight Forwarding, Warehouse, Transportation e-Commerce logistics Logistics IT, Consulting. Differentiated logistics services based on Integrated IT platform and visibility provided new IT tech solutions such as Big data, BlockChain, IoT, AI etc.

Execution: International Freight Forwarding - Air, Ocean, Rail, Ferry, Multi-modal

Customs: Import/Export Document,Brokerage.

Warehouse: W/H rental, design, HR/equipment opera Automation and etc.

Local Transportation: In/Outbound delivery Installation, Return.

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We are a group of companies in the international trade sector whose main objective has been to provide an optimal and efficient service to importers and / or exporters.
Achieving the best performance in their different activities and the protection of their loads, offering the best advice from the port of origin of the cargo to its destination.
We offer varieties of services that facilitate the delivery of our customers’ loads from a point of origin to their destination quickly and safely.


Full container import and export cargo (FCL). Dry/Reefer cargo. Door Door Service. Special equipment in and out of gauge, flat racks, open top, controlled atmosphere.
International Freight. Dangerous and Perishable Cargo.


Import and Export of general, dangerous and perishable cargo. Aerial Connections.Special agreements with first level airlines. Handles of oversized pieces.


National Transportation Service throughout the Country.Withdrawal and transfer of cargo from its place of origin.  Assistance in the different types of Port Procedures.Traceability in national and international land transport.


Cargo insurance for all types of risks. Maritime, air and land insurance.

Storage service for all types of cargo. Reception and service for in bond charges. Emptying and transfer of merchandise for both import and export. Labeling and packaging service for handling your merchandise. Storage for cargoes in transit anywhere in the world.

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Magno ITL, is a freight forwarder and logistics agency founded in 2014 to provide an excellent service with flexibility and experience, to facilitate supply chain management to our customers.

We deliver the highest standards of logistical solutions to increase your business, is an international agency specialized in coordinating the transport of import and export goods, from and towards any point we cover

We offer logistical solutions related to international transport. Our services are based on four main pillars; High level of service, Rapport, Flexibility, Quality and Experience, all supported by a highly qualified and dynamic team of professionals. We cover and control all information thanks to our worldwide network of agencies

MAGNO has a friendly and highly trained team of professionals who can assist, advise and accompany their clients throughout the whole process of foreign trade operations.

To deliver our clients a secure service while counting on every member of our team to safeguard and give solutions to the interests of our clients according to their logistical needs, also supported by a trained professional dedicated to the process of each operation.

In the short-term, to become an important logistical player recognized in the country for our efficient service and the high impact of celerity we give to our client’s process’.

In Magno ITL we count with highly trained and committed staff offering logistic solutions to our clients according to their needs.
Our main target is to completely satisfy the needs of our clients in each process we carry out, making the operation as transparent as possible together with offering a personalize service

We are a company that cares for our personnel, we believe in continuous improvement and the excellence of our work, seeking to influence the lives of our clients, collaborators and our whole network.

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Expertly Handler Trends Limited was found and incorporated in MARCH, 2018. It is a Freight and Forwarding Company with special focus on Export and Import of cargoes, but because of the demand for total and comprehensive service, it soon developed and expanded into other services like Consolidation, Airline representation, Transportation, removal and storage of bulk cargo Air and Sea

Expertly Handler Trends Limited is duly registered and licensed by all the relevant state agencies to facilitate handling of all cargoes at all Sea/Air ports in Nigeria. It is also a member of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agent.

The business of transporting goods of any kind by road or railway: We offer a general haulage service to meet the most demanding needs.

We provide service, on behalf of an importer or exporter, with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) in importing or exporting goods from one country to another.

We handle door to door services to numerous countries across the globe. Your goods are safe with us.

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Freight Expert, Inc. was established as a registered private limited company in 1998. The staff of 9 have had experience working with an American logistic freight forwarding company prior to establishing Freight Expert, Inc. Services that are provided include air, sea and land freight service (export and import), customs operations, collection and delivery, consolidations, express forwarding to any destination, packing and packaging and door-to-door service. Close working relationships with carriers allow for very competitive rates. The head office is in Osaka. Freight Expert ,Inc. can handle all shipments from Japan / to Japan by Air Shipment and Sea Shipment.

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